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Know Your Unique Value and Develop the Confidence to Create a Fulfilling Career

A self paced online challenge for people who are passionate about developing the clarity and confidence to grow their career.    

Imagine being sought out at work for your valuable expertise, or hearing about an opportunity that really excites you and being confident to put yourself forward. Not only that, rather than waiting for people to notice you, you speak up because you know you are capable. 

In this mini course we guide you through a powerful framework that identifies your unique value so that you can confidently demonstrate your worth to employers and clients.  

Many people try to do this on their own, or worse with recruiters, and mistakenly focus on their resume and comparing themselves to others. This doesn't build confidence or your unique value so you end up going around in circles. Our unique approach puts YOU in control and in the driving seat. 

Confidence originates from within. The clearer you are, the more confidently you will articulate your worth to others. It then becomes harder to stay around people who don't believe in you and not to negotiate for your worth! 

Preparing now will make all the difference later!

We created this just for you!

Hi - we're Nicki Ursu and Alison Saunders! We are professional leaders within our own industries and we understand what senior leaders want and don't want from their teams. We work with people who are passionate about personal development and growing their career and help you step into your potential and create a fulfilling career.

We've seen too many people with incredible talent take a back seat because they don't have the confidence to put themselves forward and articulate their worth. They stay stuck in jobs, or moving from job to job, while people with less experience get ahead because others notice them.  

Those who do start this process sometimes never finish because they get stuck in reflection and their old stories and self doubts start to creep in. 

We created this self-directed program to be accessible for people who know they have more to offer but don't know how to discover it and articulate it. In this challenge we guide you through the most powerful reflective questions and answers that will connect  confidence to action.  This 7 day challenge was created due to  requests from people like you who know they need expert guidance, and to learn from others with the right support, inspiration and tools.  

Alison Saunders and Nicki Ursu

Start how you mean to go on.  By setting aside time each day to focus on yourself and reflect on your career and what unique attributes you have, the actions that you take now, will make all the difference to the result at the end.

Discover your true strengths and qualities so you can leverage them to articulate your value in a way that resonates with you and employers or clients.

Shine a spotlight on your results and leave employers or clients with no doubt about what you can deliver by articulating your achievements in a tangible way. 

Discover your true values and uniqueness to develop a laser beam focus on organisations that will support your success and fulfilment. Stop comparing yourself with other people so you can create opportunities with confidence and clarity.

Become invaluable to employers or clients by identifying the challenges and problems you love to solve.

Bring together the essence of what you have to offer into a unique value proposition (UVP) so you can nail applications, interviews and networking, and put your hand up for opportunities. Learn how to communicate your UVP at a moment's notice with confidence.

Reflection without action is just dreaming. Reflect on your learnings, how you can action them and what is next on your journey.

It is impossible to estimate the financial and emotional gains our clients have experienced through implementing this powerful framework. This transformational tool will help you to grow your career long after the Challenge finishes. We want to make this accessible to as many people as possible right now and are offering it for a fraction of what it is worth – all of the above for only $249

Watch these testimonials from people who have worked with us...

Mahsa Hajjari | Marketing and Communication Specialist

"...provided me with really useful tools I will be able to use throughout my career and also share with other people...highly recommend this no matter where you are on your career journey..."

Tanya Siggins | People and Culture Leader

"...there's so much value working with a group of people in a similar situation to's really inspiring and motivating...the Unique Value Proposition helps you know what you want and therefore how you go about getting it...I can't recommend it enough"

All of this for just $249 

Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee! Our past participants have made huge progress in their confidence and clarity to implement the actions they need to take as a result of our programs. If you are not satisfied that this course has provided you with the tools to do this, and you have completed the required work, we will refund the cost of the course.

How we provide you with the tools and support...

Self-Paced Modules

Each module includes a workbook and an explanatory video to take you step by step through the process at your own pace. Each Modules requires between 30 - 60 minutes of work however some people have spent more or less time depending on what they want to achieve. The more you invest your time the more you will get out of this course!

Support and guidance

You will have access to a private Facebook group for  guidance and support to help you keep progressing. We will also be in the private Facebook group to answer questions.

Q and A Call

This course is designed to build your confidence to talk about your strengths and achievements, especially with people outside of your current network.  Every fortnight we hold a live Q & A session which allows you time to ask questions in a safe and confidential environment, get constructive feedback and refine the results to help boost that confidence.

Why work with us?

As people leaders within our own organisations, and as leadership and career coaches, we have worked with hundreds of individuals and know what senior leaders within organisations want, including what they don't want! The secret is that a lot of the time they don't even know until you tell them! 

We go beyond the standard career strategies and resume advice to connect you with your inner wisdom. It is this wisdom that provides you with clarity and confidence – and ultimately your belief in your own value.

We are not executive recruiters who just focus on your resume and work for the  clients - we show you secrets they don't share so you keep thinking they are the experts. We show you how to be your own expert.

Work with us and we will show you where to focus your effort to have the most impact so you can take the driving seat and start to create your own opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am really busy at the moment and working full time. How much time will I need to invest? 

You can go through the course at your own pace.  Each module has a workbook and video that are designed to take about 30 - 60 minutes to complete. You can complete these early in the morning, or in the evening after work. Many people find the workbooks and reflections so powerful that they want to spend more time on it. You can spend more time on it during the course, or after it finishes as the workbooks are yours to keep. The old saying, "the more you put in, the more you will get out of it" is true even for on-line programs. All of our participants find themselves referring back to these tools again and again - your unique value is in constant refinement as your confidence grows! 

I have bought online courses before and did not finish them. How do I know this will be different?

We can’t promise you’ll finish the course however you will have the workbooks and videos forever so you can take refer back to them in the future. The power however is in completing this course with our expert guidance and support so if you want a different outcome this time you will need to do something different. This work takes practice and with the right support we know that you can nail it this time. Work out what normally gets in the way for you and NAME it so if it does creep up on you this time you are more aware and can try a different approach.

How long will the course take? 

Yes! You will receive the workbooks and explanatory videos via a membership site that will be available to you for a full year after purchase. These are yours to keep and can be completed in your own time in the future. It is designed to be completed in 14 days (i.e. 1 day to do the work and 1 day to reflect per module) , but it is self paced and you can complete it as fast or as slow as you like. The benefit of completing it within the 14 days is that 1. it's done! and 2. you will receive our expert guidance and also learn from the reflections of other participants. 

What if I don't use Facebook?

You can still complete the Course without joining the private Facebook group. The workbooks and videos will be available through the website. We do find that the support and reading other people's contributions to be invaluable for people's growth and learning. This is why we encourage people to join and contribute to the Facebook group. 

Is this still suitable if I'm not looking for a new job or to get a promotion? 

Absolutely! We have had people re-ignite their passion and start to contribute more in their current job, ultimately leading to more satisfaction and success. Infact, this challenge is for people who want to connect with their value both professionally and personally so we would recommend that everyone does this challenge to connect with their strengths and what really drives and motivates them. This is critical to know both personally and professionally and helps to guide decisions in all areas of life. 

What if I already know I would like more support, in addition to developing my unique value?

We would still encourage you to just start where you are, right now and take the first step by completing this "foundational" course. You don't need to be great to start but you do need to start to be great. At the end of the course if you still feel like you need more support Alison or Nicki can jump on a call with you to see whether our Innovate Your Career program is the game-changer that you need. 

Must Do

 “This is a must for anyone looking to find their value and passion for their work. Either in looking for a new role or in reigniting passion and enthusiasm for their current role. Alison and Nicki are talented and engaging facilitators. Don’t miss this opportunity!” 

Lisa Somerville


    “WOW Nicki! The knowledge you and Alison imparted was practical and concise and has provided an immediate degree of clarity to my ongoing rumination about professional worth and progress. Thank you!"     

Annie F


“Nicki and Alison’s Essential Toolkit is an invaluable resource, and highly relevant in this new world we find ourselves in. It offers clarity in a time of uncertainty.  Nicki and Alison encouraged me to reflect on my values and my “unique value proposition’ and I gained strength from that.  Thank you so much...has been a highlight of the last month in iso and will have a lasting impact.” 

Linda Sim

All of this for just $249

Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee! Our past participants have made huge progress in their confidence and clarity to implement the actions they need to take as a result of our programs. If you are not satisfied that this 7-Day Challenge has provided you with the tools to do this, and you have completed the required work, we will refund the cost of the Challenge.

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