Innovate Your Career

Next Program Starts July

Create fulfilment and success in your career
unlocking your potential
investing in the person you aspire to be!

 Transform your career (and life!)
with this powerful and unique approach

A program for people who are passionate about becoming their best self and want to create a fulfilling career. You will:

Delivered through a mix of facilitated workshops and online learning to suit your busy lifestyle: 

Online Modules

Online modules which you can complete in your own time. These will introduce you to the powerful concepts and tools so that you can practise them in the live workshops in a safe and supportive environment before you go out into the real world! 

Facilitated Modules

Group workshops in a safe and transformative space to embed your learning. These live sessions via Zoom will challenge you to grow and open your mind to a new way of learning. You will be challenged to grow your outer world by exploring your inner world and accessing the collective wisdom of a small group of like minded people.

5 x 2 hour workshops designed to fit into your busy life for ongoing and sustainable growth and results.

Life-changing results!

Hear from Tanya … and learn more about the life changing results you can achieve!

YOUR journey of growth TO BE YOUR BEST SELF!

start as you mean to go on

You start by establishing where you are now, reflect on the learnings of the past and why it is important for you to move on. You are provided with concepts and skills so you can make the most of this Program and meet an inspiring group of like-minded people so you can step outside of your comfort zone before taking action in the real world! If you have not already completed our course "Discover Your Unique Value"  this will be the time to complete it.

move on from what's Holding You Back

We explore in depth what is holding you back from progressing in your career and leadership journey and teach you powerful tools to smash through the barriers that are holding you back which you can apply in your personal life as well! 

Create a path for the future

Bring together what you have discovered about your strengths, values and what you find meaningful to craft an inspiring career vision. Hear from other inspiring participants and step into your future self so you can craft a vision that will pull you out of bed everyday towards lasting satisfaction in your career (not to mention your personal life!). 

develop clarity and confidence to take action

This program is not just about imagining a better future, but also about taking steps towards it.  Learn a powerful tool to move past procrastination and develop the clarity and confidence to take action towards a more fulfilling career. 

make it a reality

Join us for the final accountability session so you can make your vision a reality! Be supported and inspired to take steps towards your vision and work through any final challenges as you start to implement your learning in the real world.

We created this transformative program for people who have more potential and purpose to offer the world. 

Hi – we’re Nicki Ursu and Alison Saunders - Sundial Innovation’s co-founders! We are insightful and empathetic leadership and career coaches as well as professional leaders within our own industries. We have helped hundreds of individuals grow their career and step into their potential and purpose so they can enjoy a fulfilling career…as well as a fulfilling life!

Many talented people avoid seeking help. They are good at what they do and believe they should be able to figure it out themselves. It’s not easy to admit something isn’t working when you may not even know what that “something is”. People then turn to tactical career strategies which only scratch the surface and so the same challenges keep arising again and again.

We help you to explore and unpack your inner world so that you can grow your outer world with transformative tools and concepts to connect you to your inner wisdom. It’s this wisdom that fuels your clarity and confidence – and ultimately your belief in your ability to become the person you aspire to be!

Invest in yourself for life-changing results!

It is impossible to estimate the financial and emotional gains our clients have achieved through the Innovate Your Career Program. This framework continues to grow your professional and personal life long after the Program finishes.  

For a small investment of $1,295 the positive benefits extend beyond your professional life to your family, relationships, clients and organisation! 

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will walk away clear and confident to action your own personal career plan that we provide a 100% money-back guarantee! This confidence is based on the results from past participants who have made leaps and bounds in achieving their career and leadership goals. If you are not satisfied that the Program has provided you with the support and tools to do this, and you have completed the required work, we will refund the cost of the Program.

Your Questions Answered

What if I can't make one of the live sessions?

Where possible it is valuable for you to attend all of the workshop sessions so you don't miss out on the transformation of doing this work in a safe and supportive space - the group work is where the real magic happens! We do record the sessions however and if you are unable to attend we will work with you to catch up on what you have missed during the following week. 

How much time do I need to invest?

The live sessions are 2 hours and there are 5 of them - one per week. Each week there is also online learning around 1 - 2 hours to reflect and integrate the transformative concepts learnt during the live sessions. The first week however requires about 2 hours of time in advance of the first live session. 

I have tried other programs and career / leadership coaches with little success. How do I know this will be different?

There is no guarantee that this will be different, however if you have resonated with the content on this page and are ready to say YES to a new way of approaching things then you have nothing to lose by giving this a go and everything to gain. If you want a different outcome this time you will need to do something different.

If you tend to switch off when things get hard, or blame other people when you don’t achieve your outcomes, then this is your chance to do “you” differently. This work takes practice and with the right support we know that you can nail it this time. Work out what normally gets in the way for you and NAME it so if it does creep up on you this time you are more aware and can try a different approach.

Do you run this Program for organisations?

Yes, and the organisational Program is tailored to the needs of the organisation. Enquire with Alison and Nicki if this is something you are interested in at or by phone/zoom

I am an introvert and worried about doing this with other people/work colleagues?

A lot of our participants tend to be introverts and are very happy with the safe place we create for people to learn and share. We curate participants to ensure people are the right fit for the Program to ensure an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. 

We often find that clients are referred to us from within organisations so you may be in a workshop with a person you know. We apply the "Chatham House Rule" to our workshops. 

Workshop sessions are recorded and uploaded into our private membership portal,  and are removed after each cohort completes the program. 

To help the introverts we give you access to the modules and some workshop information in advance so you can prepare. Much of your learning and insights come from participating in the journey, and sharing and supporting others, so help and encourage you to participate fully. 

I am not sure if this the right Program for me - how do I contact you to discuss?

Book a call to speak with either Nicki or Alison by phone or Zoom HERE or email us at

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes - please contact Alison or Nicki on and we can set up a fortnightly or monthly payment plan. 

What support do you offer beyond the Program? 

We offer fortnightly accountability and group coaching sessions, as well as individual coaching programs. Please contact Alison or Nicki on to discuss. 

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

Mahsa Hajjari 

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Abbey Gordon


Exceeded my expectations - I have the tools to be my best self! 

"This course exceeded my expectations in the best way possible. It was a powerful, insightful, enlightening experience and I not only learnt from the brilliant facilitators but also the 10 wonderful people participating on the day. For anyone looking to dig deep, validate and improve your situation - this course will open your eyes and provide you with the tools you need to be your best self."

Abbey Gordon


Game changer for my career development!

"This workshop is a game changer for my career development. I now have a strategic approach to grow my career and have used the tools regularly since attending the workshop. They have helped me change my perspective and beliefs which has enhanced my enjoyment in my current role. I feel so much more purposeful than before. I can see myself using these tools and approach for the rest of my career to continue to structure my learning and growing."

Lisa Somerville


Don't waste another day!

“Alison and Nicki have been wonderful to engage with from day dot...excellent facilitators, great resources and ability to create a safe, welcoming, interactive and engaging environment even via Zoom. Highly recommend their one-day workshop for anyone unsure about their next step, stuck in a cycle of indecision like me or perhaps you have been reflecting during your downtime. Don’t waste another day - take a chance you won't regret it!" 

Jodie M.

Human Services & Corporate Governance Professional

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