Individual Coaching Program

Meet Alison Saunders and Nicki Ursu

As leadership and career coaches, we want you to wake up every day knowing that you have the inner resources to live your happiest, most fulfilled and meaningful life. A common mistake people make is to think that they shouldn’t need help on this journey. This belief keeps people from really moving forward. It’s the difference between people who reach their goals quickly and those who stay stuck.

We’re not your typical coaches. The journey towards living your potential and purpose is not always easy, otherwise everybody would be doing it! If you’re no longer prepared to accept your status quo and inadvertently let unhelpful patterns or beliefs hold you back from achieving your dreams, then our transformative coaching program is for you.

We know with 100% conviction that if you’re prepared to challenge your way of thinking, then with the right tools and support, you can transform your life.

Our 12 Week Group Coaching Program

We offer a 12-week Leadership and Career group coaching program, for graduates of our Innovate Your Career workshops, twice a year that takes the Innovate Your Career workshop to a whole other level: 


Tanya Siggins

Coaching Client

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