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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.


Unlock your potential and create more fulfilment and success in your career and leadership journey.    

Innovate Your Career is a transformative and action-focused program for people who are passionate about personal development and growing their career. You will be challenged and supported to do the inner growth required to walk away feeling clear, confident and inspired to action your own personal career plan.

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Each program is limited to 12 individuals who are passionate about personal development and career growth.

If you want to break through the barriers that are holding you back from stepping into your potential and purpose, then the Innovate Your Career Program is for you. 

Now is not the time to inadvertently limit your potential with outdated beliefs and excuses. Take the opportunity to develop clarity and confidence so you can step up in your current role, land your ideal role or plan a career change.

In our complex and rapidly changing world, it's no longer just your skillset that determines your success. It's about setting the foundations for who you are, which will create powerful changes for you to create your future. 

So before you go and update your resume and LinkedIn, and search on SEEK, create the space to uncover your potential and connect with what really matters. 

If you know you have more to offer and are prepared to break through habits and beliefs that are no longer working for you, the Innovate Your Career Program could be the jump-start you need. Be prepared to challenge yourself and connect to your potential and purpose so you can wake up every day living the best version of yourself.

Step 1

Discover untapped potential so you can step up and demonstrate your value in your current or future role.

Step 7

Discover the freedom and confidence that comes from connecting to your purpose.

Step 8

Develop the confidence to overcome stumbling blocks so you can create and drive your career.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

Mahsa Hajjari 

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Tanya Siggins

People and Culture Leader

About Us

Innovate Your Career facilitators Nicki Ursu and Alison Saunders are insightful and empathetic career and leadership coaches. They draw on real-life experiences and stories to connect people with what’s possible, and believe that we all have untapped potential and wisdom we can transform into a powerful and unique reality. They have an unwavering belief that you know what’s best for you and your career, and will skilfully guide you towards identifying your own unique goals.

Nicki is an experienced human resources professional who has coached people from all backgrounds and levels to achieve their career goals. Her focus is on helping you uncover what drives and motivates you, how to overcome stumbling blocks, and implement high-value career strategies to turn your dream job into a reality.

Alison is a highly skilled asset management expert, facilitator and change management professional, as well as a leading expert in systems and process improvement. These skills enable Alison to skilfully guide you through processes to discover your own unique and achievable career map and outcomes.

Together, Alison and Nicki present a resourceful mix of complementary skills and experiences to create a transformative and engaging learning environment that will ignite your purpose and potential, as well as your career!

Alison Saunders and Nicki Ursu

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Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee! Our past participants have made huge progress in their confidence and clarity around the actions they need to take to reach their  career and leadership goals. If you are not satisfied that the Program has provided you with the support and tools to do this, and you have completed the required work, we will refund the cost of the workshop.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

Jodie M. 

(Human Services & Corporate Governance Professional | Board Member | Volunteer)    

“Alison and Nicki have been wonderful to engage with from day dot...excellent facilitators, great resources and ability to create a safe, welcoming, interactive and engaging environment even via Zoom. Highly recommend their one-day workshop for anyone unsure about their next step, stuck in a cycle of indecision like me or perhaps you have been reflecting during your downtime. Don’t waste another day - take a chance you won't regret it!" 

MaryAnn D. 

(Senior Health Operations Manager)   

“The Innovate Your Career workshop was a break through for me. I gained an understanding of who I am and what I need to propel myself forward. It stirred something deep within me so that I could reflect and move forward with a strong belief in myself and what I am capable of achieving. I will no longer let pre-conceived notions hold me back and feel positively enlightened! I cannot thank you enough and highly recommend this workshop for anyone who knows they have more to give but don’t know how to access it!” 


“I was on Cloud 9 after the Innovate Your Career workshop. I discovered strengths I never knew I had, which gave me the clarity and confidence to take the next step. I cannot recommend the workshop highly enough!”

Catherine H. 

(Professional Services)

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